Super compute / CFD

AMB Aero utilizes the software, technologies and processes required at the highest levels of Motorsport.  Over our ten years of using ANSYS CFD use we have steadily advanced our CFD to real-world correlation among a diverse range of vehicles from production cars to racers of every style. With significant in-house super-computer resources we are able to reduce cost and improve project efficiency.


Super Compute

In professional motorsport, adding or changing an aerodynamic element is not a decision made in isolation. Even a tiny deflection of airflow at one end of the car will have a literal downstream effect to other elements, massively impacting their overall performance at generating downforce and reducing drag. Modern Formula One cars provide an obvious example of just how important ‘flow conditioning’ is, with teams obsessing over millimetre-adjustments to surfaces that will eventually determine how effective their regulation wing can be.

As such, understanding how different surfaces and aerodynamic elements interact requires analysis of the total car and package. This is an incredibly intensive analytical process, far beyond the capabilities of desktop computing or real world testing, one that requires specialised hardware capable of meshing multiple CAD models for a supercomputer cluster to solve. Nimrod’s speed allows AMB to test different iterations and variables at rapid pace, meaning better aerodynamic solutions in less time for our clients.

Some of our supercomputer’s (we call him Nimrod) specs:

  • 8x AMD EPYC 7702
  • 8x NVIDIA Tesla P100
  • 512 Cores / 1024 threads
  • 64 memory channels
  • 1TB DDR4 3200 Memory
  • One off BIOS
  • Unique cooling packaging allowing cool running, quiet and more powerful compute
  • 100Gb/s 36 port Infiniband integrated switch
  • 3x Water-cooled overclocked deca-core meshing systems
  • 36-core SAS storage server with 28 drive capacity
  • More than 50 cooling fans
  • 5kW peak power draw



For comparison’s sake, we’ve calculated that a typical gaming computer would take more than 50 times longer to complete one of the processes that we run many times daily. Nimrod’s pace in our office gives our clients better pace on the racetrack, and that’s all that matters to us.

AMB’s commitment to leading aerodynamic innovation requires industry-leading technology to enable the highest accuracy and to allow us to test ideas at an unparalleled pace, and for Nimrod this is just the beginning.