Club Racing / Time Attack

Club Racing and Time Attack teams now recognize the significance of aero: those that are developing will outperform those that do not.  As regulations lag behind the technology, the winning edge will be found in aero.  AMB aero has spent years honing the ability to bring high-end development to club level teams on any budget.  We can 3D scan your vehicle, then design and test to achieve the most effective possible designs.  We do this in the background while your team continues to race and refine other aspects of the car.


With the use of lap simulation software we prove the performance of every single part, this ensures that every step taken is toward a faster car and quantify the gains to achieve the right combination of downforce and drag at your target tracks.


We will work together with your construction team, or a recommended partner, to complete the construction of our designs.  We are used to working with modest construction budgets and inventive construction methods such as metal fabrication.  Our experience can make a difference in design, manufacture, and low cost construction.  Even on a no compromises aero package, reducing the cost of construction can mean more budget for design, yielding even more effective performance.