Q: What kind of cost can I expect for building the aero parts?
A: The manufacturing cost of a proper aero package can exceed the cost of the design. How much trial and error can you afford? Proper design when weighed against cost saves money and time. It is an area of expertise where the work of specialists will vastly outperform anything else. Through the course of hundreds of CFD tests for your car and by relying on built up knowledge over 10,000 cumulative CFD tests for Time Attack cars, we can provide you with a short cut-through iteration and deliver cost savings through the overall project lifespan.
Our experience working with a huge variety of teams through their production process has taught us all the shortcuts – how to escape high costs for both design AND production.

Q: Is a large budget required to develop aero?
A: A large production budget is NOT required, AMB aero has succeeded at all budget tiers. We bring a pragmatic approach allowing teams like Under Suzuki, Nemo Racing, Revline and J-Spec were all severely under budget in the field, but dominated their local championships. Many teams learned to produce their own composite parts and AMB designed for limited manufacturing skill. Our higher budget teams achieved a 100% win rate!
An aero solution that the team cannot build has a no value!

Q: What are the major factors influencing my car’s performance?
A: The four major influences on time attack lap times are:

  1. Aerodynamics
  2. Power to weight ratio
  3. Tyre size and compound
  4. Driver ability

We will work with you to address all of these factors including explaining the different driving techniques required for a high aero car. With our proven background spanning both aero and vehicle dynamics we understand these interactions and achieve a better the total performance picture by incorporating team training as a total package with aerodynamic design.

Q: Can you help my car even though we are in different countries?
A: Our proven winning track record is unmatched and spans over multiple events across the globe. Distance is not a factor with AMB. We have entered races on all continents and set track records in 100% of countries we have competed in. AMB holds the most track records and an industry best win percentage. In just 2019 we won more races with more cars than any competitor’s total number of designed cars.

Q: At what speed does aero matter, will it help me if I am on a tight course or I have a lower powered car?
A: Look no further than the fastest cars to ever climb pikes peak or the 5+ element wings on unlimited autocross cars. The slower the track the bigger the aero, if you are intent on winning you need more aero, not less.

Q: Many companies sell off the shelf mix and match diffusers parts that you can
assemble, do these work?

A: Yes and no. If installed without knowing how to use them properly and adapt them to your car’s situation they can actually be less functional. That said, we can help you by using CFD to optimize and place OTS parts – we have found 40% more downforce this way. The makers of OTS parts are trying to universalise something which will only
reach its full potential as a part of an optimized package.