HKS TRB-03 and Infinity Wings

HKS TRB-03 (formerly known as GTS800) 86 prepares to smash records in USA and Japan with AMB Aero Designed Infinity Wings

Motorsport based on production body shapes have been tightly regulated with respect to Aerodynamic aids.  The surge of interest in Time Attack events throughout the world with comparatively free regulations has provided AMB Aero with exciting opportunities that did not exist in more main stream motorsport. AMB Aero rewrote the book for Time Attack Aero with the Nemo Lancer Evolution and is set to do so again. With the release of the HKS TRB-03, AMB Aero is continuing to push the boundaries of innovation.

HKS GTS800 AMB Aero Andrew Brilliant
AMB Aero Andrew Brilliant Front View

A result of this is the newly designed Infinity Wings (Patent Pending). The Infinity Wings do away with many of the inherent flaws in traditional front aerodynamic solutions.

  • Significantly reduced drag (less drag than no front wing)
  • Improved vehicle dynamics
  • Increased downforce
  • Downforce increases by over 20% during cornering
  • Traditional designs lose downforce during cornering

The design is known as the Infinity Wings due to the increase in downforce alongside a drag reduction, meaning the downforce to drag ratio is infinite.  This technology was a natural fit for a leading company like HKS to use.

Andrew Brilliant, “HKS came to AMB part way through the design and testing stage of the Infinity Wings and were thoroughly impressed with the technology.  They decided to have AMB Aero implement the new technology and develop an entire aerodynamic package for the vehicle. This was a fantastic opportunity for us to develop the new Infinity Wings for a world class team.”

HKS GTS800 AMB Aero Andrew Brilliant
AMB Aero Andrew Brilliant

The HKS TRB-03 has been developed from the ground up to be the fastest Time Attack car to date.  Setting it’s sights on the famed Tsukuba Lap record with is currently held by another AMB Aero customer, Scorch Racing.  In the future the team has said they will attack the track record at Buttonwillow California, USA.

Andrew Brilliant, “The introduction of the Infinity Wings and partnership with HKS allows us to re-affirm our position as leaders in Time Attack Aerodynamic advancements and we are excited to see lap times tumble as new cars are designed and built with our technology.”

AMB Aero is a complete end-to-end design service with winning race and championship history at many levels of motorsport, all over the world.

Comprehending aerodynamics is both an art and a science. Successfully employing engineered aero requires addressing specific challenges in all areas of the project while satisfying the customer’s overall objectives and constraints.  Realizing the value of aero requires the right amount of education to the right people who can deliver this vision.

Photos Courtesy of Dino Dalle Carbonare / Speedhunters

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