Indy Car / Spec Formula

Those that live in the spec-formula world know that teams who maximize their aero and teams that don’t will have different levels of performance.  We understand the tools you need are absolute high accuracy aero maps and cost efficient wind tunnel testing.  The more you understand the aerodynamic interactions of your setup changes, the quicker your lap times will be.  AMB Aero has packages to bring your team to the next level.  We offer high accuracy wind tunnel testing and cost effective model construction.  We utilize fully dynamic, multi-body lap simulation software and can give your engineers the data they need to improve aero map utilization.  We also offer training courses on the use of simulation or on-demand support for your engineers.


AMB Aero offers an additional advantage through combining CFD and Wind Tunnel testing which allows us to reduce tunnel time by focusing on what is important.  This cuts total project cost by decreasing both model making and wind tunnel time.