Reciprocity for customer Intellectual Property

While  AMB Aero has spent considerable effort and cost to develop our technologies, we also recognise that our customers have done the same.  We continuously sign customer Non Disclosure agreements and invite you to send us yours.  We hold our customer’s data in confidence as we would our own.

AMB has routinely undergone mandatory security audits per customers requirements and passed each time.  We treat this with the utmost seriousness.

We will not disclose that we are even involved in in your project to anyone unless it becomes apparent an announcement has already been made.

In the absence of any specific discussion we treat all customer technology as secret unless one of these exceptions apply.

  1. Previously announced or public knowledge:  Any information already in the public knowledge domain or  released by the team in a public place we operate with the assumption of it being open to the public.  AMB may repeat the information freely.
  2. Jointly developed customer/AMB technology.  In this case we treat the technologies as owned completely by both parties unless another arrangement has been ahead of time.  If you have something you want to keep secret, just let us know.