Managerial Staff

AMB Aero is a complete end-to-end design service with winning race and championship history at many levels of motorsport, all over the world.

Our mission is to productively implement state of the art aerodynamics in various levels of motorsports having different budgets and project needs. Our value proposition is to achieve this via the optimal integration of CFD, wind tunnel and supercomputing technologies, years of experience, technical excellence and global talent.

Yoshi Suzuka

Head of Wind Tunnel projects

Yoshi Suzuka left his mark on the aerodynamics world as the brain behind the dominant performances of the Nissan prototype programs. From there he left a string of victories and championships scattered across sports car, GT and formula series racing over the last forty years. Notably, Yoshi was also the head of the advanced aerodynamics program for the Nissan R35 GTR production car.

Andrew Brilliant

Director / Head of Computational Projects

As the founder and acting director of AMB Aero, Andrew comes from a diverse background of GT, Formula and privateer aerodynamic projects achieving championship victories and world speed records.  Renowned as a very pragmatic thinker, Andrew is fluent in vehicle dynamics and skilled in both computational and wind tunnel methods.

Kumar Satish

3D Modelling Specalist

Engineering a vehicle takes a huge team of specialists, reverse engineering one takes a Kumar. His considerable experience integrating 3D scans and CAD data brings speed and accuracy to AMB customer projects and his win count continues to build.